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Concrete Sealers to protect your Stained Floor

To extend the life and protect the features of any concrete surface a major key is the use of concrete sealers. Paints and Stains can be used to beautify the appearance of floors, patios, driveways and more, but the correct use of sealers plays a major role in protecting all your hard work and money that you have invested. There… (more…)

Concrete Resurfacing and Staining For Your Floor

Chemical stains (acid stains) are water based acidic solutions of metallic salts react with the lime in the concrete. After the chemical reaction is completed, the stains (which are actually metallic oxides) become integral part of the concrete and gives it a beautiful mottled colored surface. The critical element of coloring concrete surfaces with an acid stain or chemical stain… (more…)

Stained Concrete Pricing and Info

We offer a concrete stain system that gives better color control, greater durability, and no 4 day curing time before furniture can be replaced.  No harsh or toxic smell.  Very “green” .   A huge difference from a typical  concrete stain and acrylic seal offered by other concrete stain contractors ,  which often flakes,  scratches easily because it is a topical… (more…)

Austin Concrete Staining, Scoring, Stamping. and Sealing

Decorative concrete, also commonly referred to as architectural concrete, can most easily be described as any technique that alters what would be plain, grey concrete to be more aesthetically pleasing. Decorative concrete can encompass many different looks and techniques. It can include simple coloring techniques such as acid stains, acrylic stains, concrete dyes, and integral colors (also called integrated colors;… (more…)

All Innovative Concrete Stain and Metal Flake Epoxy Rates

Our rates for a basic concrete stain and 2 coats of acrylic sealer start at $2.75 per sq ft. This is mostly a residential choice that is only durable with light foot traffic as the sealer is topical and can wear off quickly under commercial use. For durability needed in a work environment we recommend diamond polishing ,concrete color stain,… (more…)

Concrete Acid Stain for your Austin Home Flooring

I found an article online with some interesting and useful information.  Here is a synopsis. Concrete acid stain can be applied to new or old, plain or colored concrete surfaces. They are available in 10 basic colors, though more can be created by combining them. Although they are often called acid stains, acid is not the ingredient that colors the… (more…)

Removing Carpet and the Tack strip in preparation for Concrete Stain

At least once per week I get a call from a potential client who has pulled up their carpet in preparation for staining their concrete flooring, or applying a metal flake epoxy. The problem is removal of carpet tack strip from a concrete floor generally leaves large gouges where the nails we embedded (due to the type of nails used… (more…)