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Metal Flake Epoxy Floor Information

1. It is flexible to a point,  if the slab cracks and moves enough it can crack too.   However,  it is easily repaired if it does .  From what I had seen the slab seemed stable,  I didn’t notice any loose tiles or grout. 2.  The epoxy is UV stable and does not yellow.  We use it for exterior patios… (more…)

Stained Concrete Floor Care

Here are a few tips to maintain your stained concrete floor. To make quick work of cleaning your floor,  have : 3 blue microfiber pads (one for each step) , 2 spray bottles (one for cleaner, the other for wax), 16-20″ flat Velcro microfiber mop with telescopic pole, we like the aluminum one with black fittings at HDepot. Step 1 :   Spot… (more…)

Cement Based Overlay Problems

  Unfortunately flaking at the cracks is a common problem with overlays.  In cases where the floor is blemished and is needing an overlay we have found a better solution.  Its called Metal Flake epoxy. (Pics attached)  It comes in any color and has 10 times the durability and beauty of stained concrete.  We offer it for $6 per sq… (more…)