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DIY and why not?

Salute to the Austin, Texas DIYers ,  they have my respect and encouragement.  If you have a clean, mostly blemish free piece of concrete that you want to stain,  I say go for it.  Web search for a local stain supply store Austin and see if the people there are DIY friendly.  Most will be.  Or , research the procedures for a… (more…)

Epoxy Countertop – Matte Finish

   Metal Flake Epoxy can come in a gloss or matte finish.

Exposed Aggregate Vs Stained Concrete

Exposed concrete aggregate is a very decorative style of concrete design which also gives a non-skid texture to the structure. The particulate aggregate matter of the concrete is pronouncedly visible on the top layer of the concrete giving an awesome appealing finish to the concrete structure. It is used in various places like driveways, patios and sidewalks. The exposed aggregate… (more…)

How to Add Scoring To Your Stained Concrete Floor

As you have been looking around the web you may seen Austin concrete stain floors that look like tile. This is accomplished by what is called scoring the concrete, usually done with a 4″ grinder or a concrete saw. You can create amazing patterns with this process. A word of caution: Handheld grinders can be very dangerous and sometimes they… (more…)

New concrete house slab for staining tips. Part 2

Once the slab has a final trowel,  some concrete contractors mist or cover the concrete with plastic to help avoid cracking. Covering the concrete with cardboard, plastic, or thermoply, is a good way to keep the concrete mostly clean.  After the framers are done is a good time,  ask them to use black string-line chalk.  Red chalk is very hard to… (more…)

New concrete house slab for staining tips.

New concrete house slab for staining tips. I have had clients request information in pouring,  finishing, and protecting their new home slab which is meant for staining and sealing later. A special mix isn’t needed,  however while the concrete is wet color can be troweled into the top layer to create an integral color.  This gives the color a higher… (more…)