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The Basics about Acid Stained Concrete Flooring

Stained concrete flooring is a wonderful choice for homeowners who don’t want the old-fashioned, gray, uninspiring concrete on their floors or pavements, whether it’s the driveway, a walkway, patio, pool deck or the floor of a basement or mudroom. However, a homeowner who wants concrete staining in Austin, Texas should use the services of a professional contractor. That’s because the… (more…)

Unique floors and unique countertops have unique blemishes.

Tired of carpet,  wood,  tile, floors etc. ?  Formica and granite countertops bore you?  We offer custom, one of-a-kind products that come in colors and finishes of your choosing.  Concrete countertops, Metal Flake Epoxy (countertops and floors), and concrete floor stains, overlays, and stamping in and around Austin, Tx.  Sounds exciting and new?  Out of the box?   It is !… (more…)

Concrete Repair and Microtopping: The good, the bad, and the salvagable

If you have ugly concrete somewhere in Austin, Texas ,  after removing flooring,  badly finished, a new pour contrasting an old pour of concrete, house leveling patching, flaking microtoping with extra bad trowel lines,  too rough, too smooth, not shedding water, or you just don’t like the way it makes you feel.  Before you get the hoe-ram out of the shed,  you still have options.… (more…)

Do you know about Concrete Countertops?

Concrete can be used in copious applications using a variety of techniques. It is durable enough to last for decades to come, strong enough to be used in structural applications, and malleable (before cured) to be molded to almost any form or shape.  Since this is the case, it is becoming more popular, especially in Austin Texas, for countertops. Concrete… (more…)