Also, you need to choose a flooring style that is popular in your area

Here is a list of the most popular flooring choices for various areas in the United States. As far as flooring color, it is always important to go with a light to mid range color, and not something too exotic. The specific flooring color and species needs to match your home design. But, recently there has been growth in Stained Concrete. Stained concrete is gaining in popularity in New York Loft apartments. Because of moisture, Engineered Hardwood Flooring is recommended. Chicago is seeing a growing tend toward Luxury Vinyl Tile instead of Ceramic Tile. Hardwood Flooring is very common in upper middle class homes. Solid Hardwood is the largest seller. There are many flooring trends that impact specific areas or specific home design types. If you are interested in your homes resale value, it is always a good idea to contact a local real estate agent to get input before buying new flooring.

For some time now builders and designers have been espousing the virtues of decorated or painted concretes. The most recent development, although hardly new, is concrete staining. What you will want to know however is what are the advantages of staining concrete flooring, compared to the large number of options available to everyone nowadays? Hopefully I can give you some help here! Why concrete staining?Many people wonder why you would bother to stain concrete when there are so many other options open to you in terms of flooring. Tiles, wood floor, laminates, or even painting direct on to concrete are other options that maybe cheap, and simple to do. The results can mimic metal, marble, stone and wood, and because the effect is dependent on the underlying concrete, no two sites are ever the same. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. In the first category are chemical stains, these in effect do not have any color of their own, but color the concrete using a chemical reaction. The acid reacts with the lime deposits, and imparts the mineral agents into the concrete. The second category is the water based acrylic pigment solutions. The most conventional way to apply a concrete stain is to place multiple thin coats onto the concrete, most professionals would use some form of spraying equipment. Concrete staining will only work where the stain can penetrate the substrate. An easy test for this is to pour a cupful of water on your slab of concrete and see if it will soak, if the water beads or wont penetrate, then the stain will not take either. This is because many concretes will retain their chemicals, and water for at least that long. What colors are available? As mentioned previously acid stains only come in a limited number of colours, usually earth tones, light creams, green blues and some reds. Surfaces will appear mottled. Is it something I can do myself? That rather depends on your skill level, it is certainly something a competent DIYer can do, but it is necessary for you to work out what you are going to do in advance. You must also ensure that you read up on preparation of the surfaces, application techniques, and checkout what problems you could encounter, even the best professionals can come up against major issues. If you are going to do your own work, it is best to get the correct tools for the job, as this can save you time and effort, make sure you get acid resistant brushes and spray equipment, as the acids will wear away normal brushes. Remember if you get it wrong with staining then you cannot go back and fix it easily. If you want any kind of unusual effects, then unless you feel particularly brave I would suggest you call in a contractor. Cleaning and Maintenance Although the stain is embedded into the concrete and won’t flake, it will still be susceptible to the ravages of time. Most often the concrete simply wears away, or is tainted by weather effects. If your floor starts to lose some shine, simply wax as you would any floor. Exterior areas may need a new coat of sealant once a year, or bi-yearly dependent on location and usage.

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