And while wood, tile, and carpet still have their place in many homes, concrete flooring is giving them all a run for their money

As more and more people learn about stained concrete, they learn about what a truly unique and stylish choice it makes for residential and commercial flooring. If you’re one of the uninitiated, Acid Stain Designs invites you to introduce yourself to the most exciting flooring choice on the market today. Take one look at concrete staining in action and we promise you won’t believe your eyes. Acid Stain Designs differentiates itself not only by virtue of the stunning designs we can incorporate into your home, but also by virtue of the attention to detail we incorporate before any concrete is stained. In our industry great customer service is defined by the arduous prep work we do to make sure your concrete is 100 percent ready for staining. When existing flooring is removed to get to underlying concrete, it is vital not only to make certain all of the flooring is gone, but also to make certain that the integrity of the concrete wasn’t damaged during the removal process. Whether pouring a slab or an overlay, it’s our attention to detail throughout the entire process that allows us to achieve the results we’re known for. Learn more about the visually stunning and virtually maintenance free choice for flooring that turns everyday concrete surfaces into decorative canvases. In the process, make your home a unique and aesthetically pleasing testament to your personal tastes in a way you most likely never imagined.

This includes money on their landscape bills as well as water bills. Houses are not being covered with extensive lawns anymore because of the care and continual watering this requires. Instead, homeowners are turning to better, more practical things to surround their homes. These include decorative concrete options such as concrete resurfacing, concrete coatings, and concrete overlay. When you hire a decorative concrete contractor, you do so because you want your property and your home to exude quality with the luxury that comes with expensive onyx, marble, or slate. Using a decorative contractor means you can have a special touch of class to any property or home, a touch which friends, family, and prospective buyers will notice immediately with concrete resurfacing, coatings, and concrete overlay. Offering an attractive exterior, this aggregate finish does not break down over time and offers a wide range of color options that can make any home or garden appeal as modern and stylish as the homeowner’s desire. You can create diamond-finishes, boomed finishes, stamped finishes, stained finishes, or even decorative support for tiles, aggregates, stone, metal, mosaics, or wood. Overall concrete functions as an inexpensive alternative, a durable alternative, a non-combustible alternative, as well as an alternative impervious to decay. Water-based stains offer consistent results compared to acid etch stains which rely upon a chemical reaction to the concrete upon which it is installed. With water-based stains, there are pigments as well as dyes which are made from mineral oxide colors or organic colors included in the mix.

Water based stains offer multiple benefits including low VOC content, easier clean up and several color options. Unlike chemical (acid) stains, they not require washing of residue and neutralizing the surface subsequently to apply the sealers. These stains can be applied interior as well as exterior surfaces. They do not fade away over a period of time. Depending upon the binder used, the use of these stains may contribute to the LEED points. These colors are usually vibrant and diluted and blended to create multiple hues. Sometimes they seep under a stencil and do not produce a nice sharp edge. To lock the stains, they have to be locked in with the application of a sealer that can be sprayed.

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