Many times, decorative concrete integrates multiple techniques to truly customize the slab

Stained ConcreteProbably one of the most well-known techniques for transforming plain concrete to be more design-friendly is staining, especially for interior applications. There are two main types of concrete stain. The most common type of concrete stain is an acid stain. The acid reacts to the concrete and takes on its own life. The result is a marbleized coloring, much… (more…)

Exposed aggregate concrete adds visual interest to a surface because of its random designs and diverse colors

It is a cost-effective way to give old or new concrete an appealing look. Aside from looks and a reasonable price, exposed aggregate also features the main characteristic of concrete – strength. It can also be used on vertical applications such as decorative walls and building facades. With the exception of sealing the finish and cleaning it occasionally, this option… (more…)

And a professional makeover can cost many thousands of dollars

If your decorative concrete has not been resealed within 3 years of the last application then it would be advised to call a professional prior to attempting a DIY on concrete sealer. Go to the local hire shop and hire a 3000 psi or more pressure washer. For decorative concrete finishes only. Use 60 % straight sealer and mix with… (more…)

Thanks to imprinted concrete, the options for stamped concrete overlay designs have expanded

There are great options for any imprinted concrete which can add texture and color to the different areas. Outdoor solar lighting is a great addition to the exterior of any home because outdoor solar lighting charges naturally by using the sun and then lights up your stamped concrete at night, guiding guests from the driveway or curb to the patio… (more…)

Well, the trend of using the renovating decoration right after setting the concrete is a recent one and has already gained attention of the both the experts and the home owners alike

Well, there are different options with which you can decorate your concrete. Interestingly, all of them have their way of origination. Since then, the popularity of this option grew at a steady rate. After that, in the middle of the 1970s, the stamped concrete received a huge spurt in the growth. This was because of the fact that the architects,… (more…)

This do-it-yourself project will result in floors you can be very proud of

You should not be intimidated with this project, even if you are using an acid based stain. This includes wearing thick shoes, long pants, long sleeves, rubber gloves, and splash guard goggles. Most of the time the company you buy your stain from will be able to offer you both of these items together. With just a few hours of… (more…)

Most applications are on floors but can be applied to vertical surfaces as well

The process is fairly simple when you have all the proper tools, product and systems. It’s white and the consistency of milk. Most systems are a 2 coat process that are sealed with concrete sealers. Not a big deal. Here are the steps to apply and complete over the weekend. This system is the same whether it’s a 3,000 square… (more…)

Your new patio may look like a gorgeous slate, but it is not

A seasoned decorative concrete contractor knows this, and will install the concrete according to industry standards in order to best prevent cracks or color mishaps. Firstly, expansion joints are cut into the concrete to prevent cracks from occurring. However, everything from heavy loads travelling on the stamped concrete to land settlement underneath the concrete can cause a crack regardless of… (more…)

And while wood, tile, and carpet still have their place in many homes, concrete flooring is giving them all a run for their money

As more and more people learn about stained concrete, they learn about what a truly unique and stylish choice it makes for residential and commercial flooring. If you’re one of the uninitiated, Acid Stain Designs invites you to introduce yourself to the most exciting flooring choice on the market today. Take one look at concrete staining in action and we… (more…)

It is highly recommended that the surface is sealed with specifically designed sealers that are water and heat resistant as well as durable

These protective materials also allow for the easier and quicker cleaning and maintenance of this type of concrete. The different sealers have different composition. They protect the covered surface from the growth of any sort of fungi and are also highly dirt and dust resistant. If you still find it difficult to maintain this kind of concrete surfaces, there are… (more…)

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