Decorative concrete made from ready mix concrete consists of sand, gravel, Portland cement, water and other additives

Stamped concrete uses specialty molds and other techniques to create concrete surfaces that resemble flagstone, cobblestone, brick and even hardwood floors. It is also more comfortable to have a very flat and even surface for your patio furniture, and this can be easily accomplished though the used of beautiful stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is a very heavy material with which… (more…)

At the time, there was a variety called Roman concrete, which was made from quicklime, pozzolana, and pumice

Roman concrete is perhaps one of the strongest in the world. Proof of the strength of the material can be found in Ancient Roman architecture still standing today. Amazingly, the products have withstood the test of time. What exactly is concrete made of?Many people underestimate the science that goes into concrete production. Most people think that cement and concrete are… (more…)

Both stamped and stenciled concrete decorative techniques are similar, using patterns for it to resemble natural materials like stone, bricks or cobblestones

They differ in the pattern material used. Stamped concrete uses rubber design mats while stenciled concrete uses disposable paper stencils. Using stencils also produces more distinctive grout lines since color is added after the stencil is placed on the concrete. There are different types of sealers used for both types of external surfaces. Breathable coats protect the concrete from the… (more…)

Then, large rubber mats are stamped into the concrete’s surface, leaving a pattern or texture behind when the stamps are lifted

Typically, before the concrete is stamped, the surface is dusted with coloring or the color is added to mix. In general, stamped concrete costs less than pavers. Also, stamping concrete is typically less labor intensive unlike installing other pavers that can really take up much time. Aside from the wide range of designs that can be done with it, other… (more…)

That first impression can add 20 percent to your home’s value, a figure that rivals the return on a new kitchen or bathroom

A Simple Yard Clean-UpLet’s start off with the most simple of additions to your landscape, because far too often I see homes for sale with landscaping that could surely change a potential buyer’s opinion for the worse. This is necessary because anyone looking to buy a house, with the intent to keep the house in tact is not looking to… (more…)

All basements will have flood damage at some point in their life

Excessive rain, clogged foundation drains, and plumbing malfunctions are all common problems that all homeowners will eventually encounter. The basement is the lowest point in the house, and any water that inadvertently ends up in the house will find its way to the basement floor. If the basement floor is covered in carpet or wood, it will be ruined. If… (more…)

As you read this article, you will realize that averting problems or solving them quickly is what this article is all about

The first of these common errors, occurs, and sometimes often underestimated, takes place before the project begins. However, the last few years have seen an unprecedented increase in the demand of the acid staining — books, web sites, videos, and manuals to help designers, architects, and contractors understand the complete acid stain process and products to avert these problems at… (more…)

It is a fairly simple method if done properly by professionals

According to the Concrete Network, movement or settlement of a concrete foundation can be caused by building on expansive clay, compressible or improperly compacted fill soils or improper maintenance around foundations. This movement can create all sorts of problems in the foundation of a structure that can include “poor drainage, tripping hazards, rough floors, unsightly cracks, and equipment malfunctions,” according… (more…)

For stained concrete, caustic materials such as metallic salts, diluted hydrochloric acid, dyes and hydrated lime are used to produce gorgeous colors, but this also requires the use of these dangerous chemicals, meaning that it is always safest and best to allow professional contractors of concrete to handle these types of jobs around the home

Stamped concrete uses specialty molds and other techniques to create concrete surfaces that resemble flagstone, cobblestone, brick and even hardwood floors. Many patterns are available, so you have a broad range of choices when it comes to ready mix concrete flooring for your patio, walkways or driveway. If you are planning on doing any entertaining during the upcoming summer months,… (more…)

There are individuals who will like a pretty garden to draw attention to the outside of their house

some homeowners are more particular than others about the look of their yard. There are many places to get ideas about how to decorate your yard before you start to work with a landscaper. Individuals are able to get ideas from places like flower and design magazines that speak about decorating the outdoors. Not all yard areas will have plants… (more…)