They are beginning to look at ways to use the concrete they already have and improve their lifestyle with the home they love

Businesses see the marketing potential in having their logos engraved on the doorstep or inside the lobby. Decorating existing concrete has been a quiet, secret option for too long. That has led to mystery and secret method stories about using concrete. Actually, decorative concrete is pretty straight forward. The name can fit concrete stamping, overlays, polishing, or engraving. Stamping concrete… (more…)

However, both of them were discovered few decades ago and both of them are widely popular these days

Well, the trend of using the renovating decoration right after setting the concrete is a recent one and has already gained attention of the both the experts and the home owners alike. Well, there are different options with which you can decorate your concrete. For example, the method called the stamp concrete was invented somewhat 50 years back from now.… (more…)

Today, decorative concrete transforms your thinking and takes your breath away the first time you see the work done by decorative concrete

A variety of finishes are available to complement the desired look. With decorative concrete, you can transform that boring floor into a floor that looks like cordovan leather. Moving outside, polished concrete floors have many advantages over the popular wood deck. Maintenance work is high. The beauty of decorative is beyond compare. You can make your floors into the more… (more…)

In fact, it’s so easy that you’ll never think that it is a chore

First of all, stamped concrete is generally durable so it does not need high maintenance. There are only a few things you have to do in order to preserve its finish and beauty. You could also try using protective sealer instead of color hardener. Just like hardeners, these sealers also act as protection for the concrete. It is also applied… (more…)

Some of the applications that are mimicked by using stamped concrete are brick, slate, flagstone, wood, and tile

The reason people use this type of process is so they can take advantage of the strengths that concrete has to offer while giving off a unique look. The overall look of this process can make your sidewalk, driveway, or any other area look higher end and make it stand out from the rest of the exterior of your home.… (more…)

Array of patterns and colorsWith an extensive palette of shades to choose from and hundreds of patterns available, decorative concrete offers unlimited design possibilities

And although you will pay bit more for decorative concrete, the amazing transformation will be well worth the investment. Speed of installationUnlike other conventional concrete, it can be poured or pumped into place without the need to trouble or replace the other units. This is one of the reasons why it has a longer life than concrete, which are produced… (more…)

Concrete also offers savings on labour costs and time because its installation is relatively easier than installing pavers, which require tedious site preparation as the base must be packed extremely well so the pieces will not settle

Visual Appeal Without question, pavers look a lot better than a plain grey concrete paving. The great thing is concrete is such a versatile material that many techniques can be done to it to completely transform its appearance. Being able to resemble real pavers is just one of the effects that can be achieved with concrete, without the price tag… (more…)

How do you help safeguard these freshly polished floors from construction traffic and mishaps from dropped tools and building materials?There are several different types of surface protection that protect newly-installed decorative concrete floors from damage

Many contractors use Masonite, sheet plastic, and slick films to try to protect concrete flooring. These items offer limited protection and have serious limitations. Products like plywood can scratch flooring and are typically heavy and difficult to store after use. Masonite is bulky and can’t easily be repositioned on a job site. Also, Masonite is not absorbent, so liquids flow… (more…)

However, the materials used for these types of driveways can be outrageously expensive

However, there is a solution to creating a nice driveway at a reasonable price. There are some other trace minerals included to give the mixture some color. Labor costs can be pricey because it does take a bit of skill to properly finish the mixture. However, with some research and the proper tools, just about anyone can do it. Shovels,… (more…)

With basic cleaning and applying diamond polishing pads to the concrete floor, you can easily restore the gleam of stained and dull grey concrete stone

Polishing is a process that can add beauty to otherwise drab surface while reducing costs, enhancing sustainability, and contributing to the overall easy-to-maintain lustrous surface. Diamond polishing pads can be comfortably applied to marble polishing, granite polishing and concrete polishing. There is a complete line of pads available in the market for different applications such as Wet Resin Bond Diamond… (more…)