In fact, there are numerous methods that you can apply easily and conveniently

It is highly recommended that the surface is sealed with specifically designed sealers that are water and heat resistant as well as durable. These protective materials also allow for the easier and quicker cleaning and maintenance of this type of concrete. The different sealers have different composition. They protect the covered surface from the growth of any sort of fungi… (more…)

Initially they were used in existing concrete surfaces to repair cracks and other damage

Over the last twenty years, however, things have changed. They’re used on counter tops, floors, driveways and more, and concrete has been transformed. Generally overlay is used when the existing concrete is a poor candidate for decorative concrete coloring or staining. An overlay gives the surface a fresh, smooth look, and is perfect for delivering consistent, clean color and appeal.… (more…)

You might find the perfect color carpet, but the pattern may not work

It’s especially aggravating when you find the right color and pattern, but there isn’t enough tile or carpet in stock! If you’re tired of chasing around and settling for a floor that’s a different shade or design then what you want, take a look at decorative concrete stain. Cement floors are no longer just white or gray. Stains and dyes… (more…)

Decorative concrete floors are available for both new construction and remodeled buildings

If the concrete slab is cracked or damaged, there are ways to repair and create level, even surfaces. Decorative concrete is available in almost any color or pattern. Graphic patterns and commercial logos can also be integrated into the floor. The perfect look can be achieved for elegant banquet rooms and resorts, cafes, bars, lounges, and fast food dining areas.… (more…)

And for those who are planning to renovate their homes, decorative concretes can make patios, pathways and pool sides look lovely and modern without the extra cost

Stamped, dyes, acid staining, water-based, overlaying, polishing and engraving are some of the processes that one can avail of. Stamped concretes would include pressing mold to the concrete before it hardens. Non-reactive, chemically reactive and opaque stains are the types of dye used. Chemically reactive ones are applied on concretes after they are hardened or cured. The colours are created… (more…)

A quick stroll inside your local hardware store, you may collect many catalogs showing you the beauty of a perfectly stained concrete driveway

In recent years, homeowners and drawn to this option because of the economic factor and the flexibility in colors and designs, it is only limited by your imagination. Rain is absolutely the worst enemy of stains. Excess stain or stain residue will be carried by the rain water and go all over the places. The second tip is also related… (more…)

I never thought there could be anything decorative about a concrete, let alone that there are many types of it

My friend who’s an interior designer definitely recommended it to me and assured me of the fantastic results without the expensive cost. There are several types of decorative concrete you can check out and choose from which the one that fits your taste, expertise and budget. The most common types of decorative concrete are colored mixtures and stamped concrete. Anyone… (more…)

There are different designs and colors one can use for concrete stamping

They can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. There are very many factors that will contribute to the concrete stamping cost. Weather should be something that you should be keen on. This is because rain can ruin the concrete stamping process that you are undertaking. Be sure to have a rough idea of the weather for… (more…)

If applied correctly to a clean surface, acid based concrete stain colors will always be permanent

Stained concrete flooring is becoming a mainstream every day. Nothing is more engaging than coming across a beautiful floor that has stood the test of time. Staining is no fleeting fadStained concrete enjoys an expanding array of exterior and interior applications. Unlike many designs trends, it will remain in vogue for many long years and could even become as a… (more…)

One thing that people always need is a driveway

Using concrete for a driveway is very common and is something that already exists as part of a home that someone buys or is included in the construction plans on new homes. Another time a residential property may require paving with concrete is when they need to repair or replace sections of the sidewalk in front of their home. For… (more…)