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A good foundation for your custom floor

Any floor needs a proper foundation. Things to check for that I have found to be common in Austin, Tx : Is the foundation stable? Are there cracks in the walls, do the doors and windows open and close easily? Are there major cracks more than 1/16″ wide? Is there any moisture wicking through the concrete causing mold, white powder… (more…)

All Innovative Concrete Staining in Austin Video

Check out our new Youtube Video for Concrete Staining in Austin Texas

Existing Stained Concrete Floor Makeover

Existing stained concrete floors can be altered, repaired, or refreshed by an experienced person with a few tricks and techniques using an array of products that he/she have found to work from experience. Working in Austin Texas, we have found many new homeowners or tenants who want to change the look of a perfectly good stained concrete floor so it… (more…)

Stained Concrete Flooring Repair in Austin

  This is a stained concrete flooring repair project we completed long ago, and it is still holding up.  If we can do this for concrete stain that looks as bad as that above, imagine what we can do for your concrete flooring in Austin.

Why Do-It-Yourself Concrete Stain is a bad idea

Concrete floor staining is a project that should be completed by professionals. There are different approaches to the task, and the techniques used to achieve a refined outcome are known and practiced by experienced contractors. The Do-It-Yourself mentality is popular when it comes to home improvement, but, for many projects, including concrete staining, consulting a professional service is the best… (more…)

DIY Concrete Stain

This is a repost from a few months ago.  The same reasoning still applies! If you have a clean, mostly blemish free piece of concrete that you want to stain,  I say go for it.  Web search for a local stain supply store Austin and see if the people there are DIY friendly.  Most will be.  Or , research the procedures for a good stained concrete… (more…)

Stamped and Stained Driveway

This is a concrete driveway and patio that we stamped and stained to look like brick.  This driveway is in Austin Texas, and we completed this project in March 2013. Concrete stamping takes a lot more work than merely staining, but it also considerably increases the aesthetic value of the work. Interested in having your concrete stained, stamped, or dyed?… (more…)

Stained Concrete Patio – Hook ‘em!

This is a rear concrete patio we stained in May. I love the white on orange!

Which type of flooring is best

A very common dilemma is hardwood floor vs tile flooring. Your flooring options are not limited anymore and you have the ability to choose any type of flooring you desire. In Dallas it is traditional to go more towards tile flooring because of the availability and also because the tile flooring stays so much cooler than a hardwood floor. If… (more…)

Stained concrete flooring is a wonderful choice

Stained concrete flooring is a wonderful choice for homeowners who don’t want the old-fashioned, gray, uninspiring concrete on their floors or pavements, whether it’s the driveway, a walkway, patio, pool deck or the floor of a basement or mudroom. However, a homeowner who wants concrete staining in Austin, Texas should use the services of a professional contractor. That’s because the… (more…)