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Why Do-It-Yourself Concrete Stain is a bad idea

Concrete floor staining is a project that should be completed by professionals. There are different approaches to the task, and the techniques used to achieve a refined outcome are known and practiced by experienced contractors. The Do-It-Yourself mentality is popular when it comes to home improvement, but, for many projects, including concrete staining, consulting a professional service is the best… (more…)

Acetone Dye or Acid Stain for your Austin Floor?

Stained Concrete can be considered some of the most beautiful works of art in the world. There are several different methods of obtaining different concrete staining results. Acid stain and Acetone concrete dye are two of the most frequently used processes most utilized by professionals. Some of the most unique stained concrete work can be found in Austin, in the… (more…)

DIY and why not?

Salute to the Austin, Texas DIYers ,  they have my respect and encouragement.  If you have a clean, mostly blemish free piece of concrete that you want to stain,  I say go for it.  Web search for a local stain supply store Austin and see if the people there are DIY friendly.  Most will be.  Or , research the procedures for a… (more…)

Stained Concrete Floor Care

Here are a few tips to maintain your stained concrete floor. To make quick work of cleaning your floor,  have : 3 blue microfiber pads (one for each step) , 2 spray bottles (one for cleaner, the other for wax), 16-20″ flat Velcro microfiber mop with telescopic pole, we like the aluminum one with black fittings at HDepot. Step 1 :   Spot… (more…)

DIY Concrete Stain Recommendations

Do it yourself concrete staining is the cheapest and easiest way to enhance the appearance of your concrete surfaces. The alternatives, tearing out existing concrete and replacing with new or decorative overlays, are not recommended for do-it-yourselfers and can be very expensive. But before you begin your staining project there are a few things you need to know. There are… (more…)