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Many times, decorative concrete integrates multiple techniques to truly customize the slab

Stained ConcreteProbably one of the most well-known techniques for transforming plain concrete to be more design-friendly is staining, especially for interior applications. There are two main types of concrete stain. The most common type of concrete stain is an acid stain. The acid reacts to the concrete and takes on its own life. The result is a marbleized coloring, much… (more…)

This do-it-yourself project will result in floors you can be very proud of

You should not be intimidated with this project, even if you are using an acid based stain. This includes wearing thick shoes, long pants, long sleeves, rubber gloves, and splash guard goggles. Most of the time the company you buy your stain from will be able to offer you both of these items together. With just a few hours of… (more…)

And while wood, tile, and carpet still have their place in many homes, concrete flooring is giving them all a run for their money

As more and more people learn about stained concrete, they learn about what a truly unique and stylish choice it makes for residential and commercial flooring. If you’re one of the uninitiated, Acid Stain Designs invites you to introduce yourself to the most exciting flooring choice on the market today. Take one look at concrete staining in action and we… (more…)

What does this mean for you as a consumer? Merely that in terms of upgrading the look and feel of your house there are very few areas aren’t receptive to this type of treatment

And when we say almost any surface we mean it. From walls and doorways to kitchen islands and back splashes, driveways, walkways, patios, garages, pool decks and more, the only limit is your imagination. A stone pattern of your choice is then custom carved into the overlay, and in virtually no time your home will reap the benefits of a… (more…)

Just how often you do it will depend on the weather in your area and how much use the driveway gets

In general if you live in colder climate you will want to seal your driveway more often. Remember that before you seal your driveway the first time after it has just been built you need to make sure that you wait at least twenty one days for the concrete to cure. You will ruin the seal if you get it… (more…)

Exposed concrete can almost be compared to a piece of granite or marble transformed by staining

And many of today’s contractors are finding creative ways to take exposed aggregate to the next level. How to Prepare Floor to Stain your Concrete?Spill a little water on the surface in several locationsSpill a little water on the surface in several different locations to see if the concrete absorbs water. You must remove all possible grease stains, oils stains,… (more…)

Decorative concrete made from ready mix concrete consists of sand, gravel, Portland cement, water and other additives

Stamped concrete uses specialty molds and other techniques to create concrete surfaces that resemble flagstone, cobblestone, brick and even hardwood floors. It is also more comfortable to have a very flat and even surface for your patio furniture, and this can be easily accomplished though the used of beautiful stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is a very heavy material with which… (more…)

Both stamped and stenciled concrete decorative techniques are similar, using patterns for it to resemble natural materials like stone, bricks or cobblestones

They differ in the pattern material used. Stamped concrete uses rubber design mats while stenciled concrete uses disposable paper stencils. Using stencils also produces more distinctive grout lines since color is added after the stencil is placed on the concrete. There are different types of sealers used for both types of external surfaces. Breathable coats protect the concrete from the… (more…)

All basements will have flood damage at some point in their life

Excessive rain, clogged foundation drains, and plumbing malfunctions are all common problems that all homeowners will eventually encounter. The basement is the lowest point in the house, and any water that inadvertently ends up in the house will find its way to the basement floor. If the basement floor is covered in carpet or wood, it will be ruined. If… (more…)

As you read this article, you will realize that averting problems or solving them quickly is what this article is all about

The first of these common errors, occurs, and sometimes often underestimated, takes place before the project begins. However, the last few years have seen an unprecedented increase in the demand of the acid staining — books, web sites, videos, and manuals to help designers, architects, and contractors understand the complete acid stain process and products to avert these problems at… (more…)