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It is a fairly simple method if done properly by professionals

According to the Concrete Network, movement or settlement of a concrete foundation can be caused by building on expansive clay, compressible or improperly compacted fill soils or improper maintenance around foundations. This movement can create all sorts of problems in the foundation of a structure that can include “poor drainage, tripping hazards, rough floors, unsightly cracks, and equipment malfunctions,” according… (more…)

For stained concrete, caustic materials such as metallic salts, diluted hydrochloric acid, dyes and hydrated lime are used to produce gorgeous colors, but this also requires the use of these dangerous chemicals, meaning that it is always safest and best to allow professional contractors of concrete to handle these types of jobs around the home

Stamped concrete uses specialty molds and other techniques to create concrete surfaces that resemble flagstone, cobblestone, brick and even hardwood floors. Many patterns are available, so you have a broad range of choices when it comes to ready mix concrete flooring for your patio, walkways or driveway. If you are planning on doing any entertaining during the upcoming summer months,… (more…)

However, concrete definitely offers a great number of advantages to a homeowner when talking about home improvement projects

Concrete allows an impressive range of colors and designs that make it perfect for various areas in and around the home. While you may be accustomed to thinking of concrete as fairly boring, advancement in the industry has permitted the development of a wide array of concrete designs and shades. In the style department, concrete can be stamped, stenciled, engraved… (more…)

Also, you need to choose a flooring style that is popular in your area

Here is a list of the most popular flooring choices for various areas in the United States. As far as flooring color, it is always important to go with a light to mid range color, and not something too exotic. The specific flooring color and species needs to match your home design. But, recently there has been growth in Stained… (more…)

Decorative concrete is a process of turning dull grey carpet into more vibrant, attractive floor

Carpet may seem like a logical choice when choosing a floor for a business. Although carpet does cut down on noise, it’s practicality for high traffic areas are just not up to par. Carpet must also be replaced every few years due to wear and tear. By ripping out the carpet and cleaning the concrete underneath it, the floor can… (more…)

Once found only in industrial settings, it’s quickly becoming the answer for an affordable, green alternative

There are a lot of misconceptions about concrete flooring out there, and a lot of advantages that few even consider. There are additives available, everything from recycled glass to seashells. There are color techniques ranging from acid dyes to stains. Concrete can be etched, stenciled, overlaid and polished, creating looks that put high end flooring to shame. Again, it can… (more…)

Keep in mind when applying acid stain to concrete any blemishes, cracks, staining, glue or impressions in the concrete will not be hidden

Acid stain creates translucent color effects and will highlight any surface defects similar to applying stain to a piece of wood, the stain highlights the grain and any knots in the wood. After you’ve cleaned the concrete, done all the surface preparation and tested a small area your ready to start staining the concrete. It’s not very hazardous, but you… (more…)

After your space’s transformation, you were satisfied and amazed with the result

But the question you have right now is how you can maintain it. First of all, stamped concrete is generally durable so it does not need high maintenance. It can even keep up with extreme weather conditions so there is not much that needs to be done to protect it. There are only a few things you have to do… (more…)

Today, decorative concrete transforms your thinking and takes your breath away the first time you see the work done by decorative concrete

A variety of finishes are available to complement the desired look. With decorative concrete, you can transform that boring floor into a floor that looks like cordovan leather. Moving outside, polished concrete floors have many advantages over the popular wood deck. Maintenance work is high. The beauty of decorative is beyond compare. You can make your floors into the more… (more…)

In fact, it’s so easy that you’ll never think that it is a chore

First of all, stamped concrete is generally durable so it does not need high maintenance. There are only a few things you have to do in order to preserve its finish and beauty. You could also try using protective sealer instead of color hardener. Just like hardeners, these sealers also act as protection for the concrete. It is also applied… (more…)