This do-it-yourself project will result in floors you can be very proud of

You should not be intimidated with this project, even if you are using an acid based stain. This includes wearing thick shoes, long pants, long sleeves, rubber gloves, and splash guard goggles. Most of the time the company you buy your stain from will be able to offer you both of these items together. With just a few hours of hard work you can have beautiful floors that people will mistake for very expensive stone.

We get sick of looking at the floor that surrounds us and the interior we picked out years ago. It’s time for a revolution, and it is the perfect time to do. Epoxy floors Coating can be applied to the concrete piece to make it durable, colorful, viable and attractive. Once polished, the sheen will remain for a long time. They may be emblazoned with company crests and logos. Low cost is definitely another advantage who wants to upgrade their flooring. Customer satisfaction is the underlying factor in the customer experience. Whether the commercial premises shall be used for retail outlets, garages, warehouses, art galleries, factories or showrooms, epoxy concrete flooring will send a strong message to your clients and customers. Walk off mats can have a dramatic effect on the long maintenance of epoxy concrete flooring by keeping sand and salt from being introduced to the floors. When some wear does begin to show, the floor may be polished anew by reapplying the epoxy coating. There are literally endless design options. Concrete floor experts can design and create a floor to your specifications.

Concrete allows an impressive range of colors and designs that make it perfect for various areas in and around the home. Stenciled concrete uses a stencil which is used on new or old concrete in conjunction with a staining compound, giving the concrete the appearance of brick or paving stones with mortared joints. Although it can cost you a bit more in advance, the advantages of a concrete driveway are manifold. It is extremely strong when stacked against asphalt, will not get quite as hot in the warmer months and can be anticipated to hold up much longer than a comparable asphalt driveway. For environmentally-conscious homeowners, concrete is also a very green option for driveway installation as it is not manufactured with any petroleum byproducts like asphalt, often utilizes recycled materials like industrial byproducts in its production and may even be recycled itself when the time rolls around to get a new concrete driveway. Additional surprising but great applications for concrete in your house are indoor and outdoor fireplaces and even sinks, as it is highly resistant to fire and retains heat very well, plus concrete may be sealed to give it superior resistance to water. To begin on the right foot, call a local home improvement company or concrete contractor. They will possess the necessary know-how to make any advice you might need over the course of your remodeling project.

Blow or sweep fertilizers off the concrete to avoid staining. After scrubbing with a stiff brush, rinse thoroughly with a hose or pressure washer. Clean and Recoat (one year after initial application)Re-coat sealer application. Allow to dry completely between coats and for an additional 6-24 hours prior to traffic. A decorative paving installation is a highly decorative product that may be done in a variety of textures and colors. Correct care is critical to maintain any topical colorants or high points of texture. High points of the imprinted texture on an exterior application can be subject to aggressive wear due to the relatively small surface area. Caution should be used when running snow removal or steel bladed equipment over the concrete. The use of a skid reducing aggregate in subsequent reseal applications should be used to minimize slipperiness. Resealing of those areas may be necessary. The use of chemical deicers on decorative paving is not recommended. There are available “concrete safe” deicers. Do not use an acid-based cleaner on a decorative concrete surface. This only a guide not a complete instruction manual on how to properly care for you decorative concrete paving.

Acid stain creates translucent color effects and will highlight any surface defects similar to applying stain to a piece of wood, the stain highlights the grain and any knots in the wood. After you’ve cleaned the concrete, done all the surface preparation and tested a small area your ready to start staining the concrete. Applying the acid stain is actually the easiest part of the job. Having said that, there is a technique to doing it right. Too little stain won’t give you complete coverage and it won’t etch the surface properly to deposit the color. On bigger jobs an acid resistant sprayer works well, smaller jobs can be done with sponge brushes. The broom is going to leave brush strokes so once you get part of the way done go back and lightly mist more stain over the brushed area. This will get rid of any trailing brush strokes and give you a natural and consistent look. Check the directions on the bucket to get an approximate idea. This will stop the reaction between the acid stain and the concrete. Be careful not to step on any un-nuetralized area, this could leave footprints on the floor. Clean the floor 1-2 more times with water only, mop and vacuum, then let it dry. You’ll notice when the floor dries it will look kind of hazy or chalky. This is normal, it will look great after you seal it. It’s important to use a sealer that works well with the type of concrete stain you used. You can either roll it on or spray it on, being careful not to leave roller marks or over spraying. After you apply the sealer you’ll notice the colors of the stain start to come alive. A floor wax adds another layer of protection to your acid stained concrete floor, while making it look great and allowing for easy clean ups. Now that you know how to stain concrete floors you should have the confidence to tackle your plain gray concrete floor and turn it into something unique and gorgeous.

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