Today, decorative concrete transforms your thinking and takes your breath away the first time you see the work done by decorative concrete

A variety of finishes are available to complement the desired look. With decorative concrete, you can transform that boring floor into a floor that looks like cordovan leather. Moving outside, polished concrete floors have many advantages over the popular wood deck. Maintenance work is high. The beauty of decorative is beyond compare. You can make your floors into the more expensive stones and pavers at a fraction of a cost. Even ordinary, gray concrete can be stained to a glossy finish. Regardless of whether you own a home or office, consulting with a contractor is a good idea when weighing the options for your polished concrete flooring. When properly done, this technique can bring depth and detail to an ordinary surface and save you both money and headache in the long run. Decorating with concrete is not something you would ordinarily think of doing, but when you learn about its versatility and beauty, the more tempting it becomes to think of concrete work as an art form. Decorative concrete can transform your thinking as well as your floors, pool decks, and countertops.

Decorative concrete is available all around the world, and once it is designed, it can be applied to any needs. This article will review decorative concrete for use as a restaurant floor and for a commercial kitchen floor. Using concrete ensures that you will have a floor that is consistently reliable and durable. This is an especially important trait for a commercial kitchen floor, where lots of activity and use means wear and tear on a flooring surface. Concrete is really the best choice for this kind of environment. However, this does not mean that the floor needs to be plain. However, concrete is safe, providing a seamless, slip-free surface over which busy chefs and waiters can move efficiently. Sanitary floor treatments mean that bacterial and fungal growth is highly limited. In fact, few customers actually come to realize that the floor they are walking on is made of concrete, the same material that is used in uninspired industrial settings. With overlays, concrete can become something else – thin coatings and stampable overlays transform simple concrete floors into a beautiful statement, or visually suggest another material. Restaurants can also have their logos stamped into concrete.

This makes the surfaces look much more natural although the varieties in looks and shades are quite remarkable. You can experiment with the stains and techniques in different ways to obtain the results that you find most appealing. A simple way to vary the look of the concrete stain is to dilute it. You can get a very interesting effect by dipping leaves of fern fronds into the concrete stain and placing them on the concrete. A cool effect can be created by spraying a second color of stain to certain areas of the floor. This will accent the look and give you a real natural stone feel.

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